Distributors in Malaysia - training tour
2020 - 06 - 29

In order to further promote the third generation total energy (TCC) electrostatic charging technology, the service team of Russell gottingz paid a special visit to Malaysian dealers and their customers, focusing on the advantages and application effect of S600 spray gun developed with this new technology. Through 3-day in-depth explanation and demonstration, we have improved the technical service ability of dealer engineers, made dealers fully understand the advantages of coating effect brought by the third generation total energy (TCC) electrostatic charging technology, and provi…

Green manufacturing starts with me and gives you a blue sky and white clouds
2019 - 12 - 10

In recent years, global warming and serious melting of glaciers have become environmental problems that cannot be ignored by human beings. In this context, green industrial development has become the general trend and trend of the international community, and green manufacturing has become the only way for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.(image source: Internet)Manufacturing industry is the "main battlefield" to promote economic development and improve quality and efficiency. However, at present, some products in the industry generally have higher en…

Metalco - Algeria, North Africa
2017 - 05 - 21

Our company has recently provided metalco with a set of advanced fully automatic electrostatic precipitator system to help metalco improve the surface quality of workpieces before powder spraying, so that the coating quality of final products can reach the highest level. In addition, the company introduced an advanced DDF "flexible spraying" automatic powder spraying system for aluminum profile spraying as early as 2013. Customer equipment has been running well and reliably, and has created considerable economic benefits for customers.…

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