Yutung innovation leads the development of precise electrostatic powder spraying technology for small workpieces
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Recently, according to Xinhua news agency, China has built the world's first intelligent high-speed railway. It has a "smart" brain and "developed" nerves. It is a green, environmentally friendly and culturally rich high-speed railway. From the breakthrough of independent design and construction to the world's advanced level; from 35 km / h to 350 km / h, Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway has witnessed the development of China's railways and the leap of China's comprehensive national strength, which is the embodiment of the combination of China's wisdom and China's strength.

"E-ticket, train reminder, insensible station entry, intelligent interaction, WiFi coverage, unlimited charging, intelligent light adjustment, stepless color changing windows..." a different high-speed rail journey is opened, and advanced technical means are fully demonstrated here, which once again makes us realize the importance of independent research and development, whether it is aerospace, rail transit, manufacturing and production, technological innovation Always put in the first place of development.

Since its establishment in 1982, Yudong has been focusing on the research and development of electrostatic powder spraying equipment, adhering to the professional guidance of innovation, quality creates value. In addition to serving the Chinese market, we have successfully used ramseier koatings (RKT) brand to export high-tech electrostatic powder coating equipment to Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and other countries in recent years. Whether customers require simple or complex workpiece spraying, multi-color or monochromatic painting, automatic or manual spraying and other special needs, Yudong relies on its rich industry experience to provide customers with perfect coating solutions.

For example, we have been commissioned by a foreign company to develop a "screw head" automatic electrostatic powder spraying equipment for them. The range of powder spray required by this equipment is about 10GM / min. At present, the powder output of the common powder spraying equipment on the market is more than 200gm / min, but when the powder output is less than 50gm / min, it is difficult to control the powder output and spray accurately for a long time.


It is our task to overcome the difficulties. Yudong R & D team successfully completed the research and development of this project, and successfully used the newly developed kvm8 powder pump and special electrostatic spray gun for trial spraying. The equipment has been successfully delivered to customers, and all technical indicators have met the strict requirements of users.



Action is the most important thing, and persistence is the key to success. This set of customized spraying equipment proves our strong R & D capability. With our own R & D capability, we provide customers with unique non-standard design spraying equipment and create greater value for customers. With the rapid development of science and technology, as a manufacturing enterprise, it is necessary to keep running in order to maintain a leading position in the industry. In the future, we will continue to strengthen independent innovation, give further play to the craftsmanship spirit, and contribute wisdom to the transformation of "made in China" to "created in China".


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